Video Pipe Inspection

PipeCam uses the most up–to–date technology to video record your sewer pipe. Our cameras are digital color video cameras that record the captured video directly onto DVD. Our tech's can access sewer pipes through a cleanout, or by removing a toilet. We then video record the pipe from the access point all the way to the city main line, stopping at each joint and problem area for a detailed observation.

Pipe Location

PipeCam uses the latest location technology to identify the location and depth of the sewer pipe. We can also identify the location and depth of specific video observations.

Excavation and Repair

PipeCam can provide a free repair estimate on the day of the inspection.

To identify the location and depth of the pipe and any video observations.
One Location, Multiple Pipe Inspection:
For the main pipe and $75 for each additional pipe (limited to impassable obstruction.)
Single Pipe Inspection:
Through a cleanout, pulled toilet, or crawl space (limited to impassable obstruction).
Prices to repair or replace a residential sewer line range from $2,500 to $10,000.