About Us

PipeCam was established to provide property owners, buyers, and sellers with an inside view of pipe which they would not normally have the ability to see. We utilize state of the art technology to locate and report even the most minor details. We always start by trying to determine the problem before recommending any repairs. And ultimately it's our goal to provide peace–of–mind by giving you the information you need to make your own decisions about the current state of your pipes.

“We believe that good customer service is the most important aspect of any business.”
What you can expect from Us
  • You can expect us to return all phone calls within 2 hours.
  • You can expect every employee of PipeCam to be prompt and courteous.
  • We will explain the process before beginnning, and if you choose, we will talk you through the process as it occurs.
  • We will identify each observation on a report, and provide you with a detailed report and DVD upon completion. Any work area will be cleaned and returned to it’s original condition upon completion.
Prices to repair or replace a residential sewer line range from $2,500 to $10,000.